Donations are accepted to help pay for the costs of running the server. Below are the lists of rewards for donations by amount.


We use cashapp for donations.

Cashapp Me
Square Cash app link

Required Information:

In Cashapp Comment send your In-Game Name.
In discord rewards post your In-Game name and which rewards you want.


Please do it this way so that we can keep up with who is paying for what and who gets what items in-game thank you!

Note: If you do not have access to Cashapp, we will offer another option soon.



Donation AmountReward:
$2.001 Transmutation Rods
$4.0020 Medallions
$5.001.5kg Drake Hide
$6.005kg Dragon Scales (Your Choice of color)
$8.002 Weapons of any metal, 99 QL + 2 Enchants on each.
$10.003 Tools of any metal, 99 QL + 2 Enchants on each.