Help us build the highways of Downstown!

REMEMBER: All PUBLIC roads must be made with slate slabs.

You get the following rewards:

  • 1 Silver per 50 tiles (In LENGTH)
  • A sign on the road with your name on it!
  • 1 99 QL Toolbelt
For 1000+ tiles without streetlamps:
  • 3 piece Set of 99 QL Tools (Of your choosing)
  • 1 Gold
If you add streetlamps:
  • 4 piece Set of 99 QL Tools (Of your choosing)

Rules for Streetlamps:

  • Please use Imperial Street Lamps
  • 80+QL
  • 10 tiles apart (Subject to change)

Please post on the discord in the ‘rewards’ channel the following information: What tools you want, and the name of your deed. Crystal will get them to you ASAP.


Some rules about the roads:

  • You must make your own bricks!
  • Roads must be made out of slate slabs.
  • Roads must be 2 tiles wide with gravel on each side for a total of 4 tiles wide.
  • Roads on deeds do not qualify for rewards.
  • If a deed is in the way of your road, go around the border of it but do not make roads inside the deeds of others. Don’t ask them if it’s okay or to give you permissions to continue your road.
  • If a road borders your deed and you expand OVER the road at a later date you must enable ‘allow highways’ on your deed or consider expanding in one of the three other directions and NOT deeding over the road.
  • PLEASE do NOT make “LAND BRIDGES” through water. Either go around or make actual bridges


Rewards (First Bridge ONLY)


  • Fantastic Dioptra
  • Fantastic Range Pole
  1. Bridges must be Slate Arched where possible. Otherwise use Flat Slate.
  2. Bridges must be 2 tiles wide.
  3. You ONLY get bridge rewards if your bridge is the FIRST to connect two land masses.

Rewards (All future bridges)

  • 50 Silver
  • 1 rare strange bone
  • 1 99 QL leather Hide or Pelt (Your Choice – Not Dragon)